Snowmobilers' Code of Ethics
  1. I will be a good sports enthusiast. I recognize that people judge all snowmobile owners by my actions. I will use my influence with other snowmobile owners to promote fair conduct.

  2. I will not liter trails or camping areas. I will not pollute streams or lakes.

  3. I will not damage living trees, shrubs, or other natural features. I will go out only when there is sufficient snow so I will not damage the land.

  4. I will respect other people's property and rights.

  5. I will lend a helping hand when I see someone in distress.

  6. I will make myself available to assist search and rescue parties.

  7. I will not interfere with or harass hikers, skiers, snowshoers, ice anglers, or other winter sports enthusiasts. I will respect the rights of others to enjoy recreational facilities.

  8. I will know and obey all federal, state and local rules regulating the operation of snowmobiles in area where I use my vehicle. I will inform public officials when using public lands.

  9. I will not harass wildlife. I will avoid areas posted for the protection of feeding of wildlife.

  10. I will stay on marked trails or roads open to snowmobiles. I will not snowmobile where prohibited.